Robert Dufort, Magic Brush Inc. contractor  
“We replace risk with knowledgeable action.”

Simply put, our bodies have no use what-so-ever for lead, and can only tolerate minimal amounts without repercussions. For children, the effects are more severe and more likely to be permanent. The potential hazard is created when the lead paint layers are disturbed, releasing a fine dust that can be broadcast widely.

Magic Brush, Inc. has been involved with the California Department of Public Health (CDPH) since 1983, participating in lead exposure and blood lead studies, as well as the study of procedural efficacies. Robert is a CDPH Certified Lead Inspector/Risk Assessor, as well as a Certified Supervisor. Five Magic Brush employees are EPA “Certified Renovators”.

For more information, please read Robert’s essay:
“What About Lead?” (PDF)

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